What Really Happened In Nashville? You Won’t Believe It…

I’ll start this out by telling you that this is my summation from the available information on what took place. However, don’t scoff just yet. There’s much to present here that backs up my theory. This was neither a missile attack, nor a direct energy weapon (D.E.W.), as I’ve tried to point out to so many. Anyway, that said, let’s get to it…

Special Forces Team

I’m going to skip the timelines and interviews that we’ve all seen already and tell you what happened in my own series of events. Times are mostly irrelevant. Although, all of you were right about what this was…you were just mistaken about how it went down. Yes! This was a military-style operation carried out by professionals. Yes! The goal was DVS voter and activity information. Perhaps even stored information and/or equipment within the building. There was only one problem to this plan…the counter-operations team inside the AT&T building that they were unaware were there. There were 2 goals in this op, yet the White Hats thwarted the primary objective. So to scuttle the mission they fled; blew the block and escaped with or without casualties. Now I’ll try and prove it…

What’s missing across from the R.V?

There’s a streetcam video that clearly shows the R.V did not blow first..and this is true. There’s also a nightvision camera that showed 2 plumes. One small, the other major..this is also true. Here’s why…there were 2 explosions set off on either side of the street. The first was underground to disable the lines coming out of the AT&T building (electrical, data, etc.) and the other explosion 1.5 seconds after to destroy the building. Or, at the very least, to cause the major diversion for extraction and also to give the cops something and someone to chase later. This secondary clean-up mission took place regardless of the primary fail. It’s classic SpecOp tactics. Take a look..

2 of several street utility access points..

So this screengrab shows you why and how the R.V didn’t blow first. It also shows you what all of those “work trucks” were doing on the street the day before, as reported by a resident and eyewitness. They were laying the underground ordinance for the next morning’s op. Which brings me to the gunfire/shootout. When the Black Hat team arrived they encountered a serious problem in breaching the building. The building had already been under security force protection. They had most likely even observed the days prep of the underground trapping and secured what it was they were actually guarding. So the firefight ensued when the OP began. Casualties? I’m unsure. In Special Operations no one is left for authorities to inspect. Messes must be cleaned up beforehand. Mission compromised. Destroy your footprints and extract. So here’s where their exit vehicle was stashed…

Attached Parking Garage..

Before their exit, they coordinated the explosions to facilitate their clean exit and draw off the cops. Destroy the utilities to the building was all they could acquire after all. I doubt it did the job other than disrupt services and air traffic control at the airport. Otherwise, why infiltrate the building as well? How do I know there were 2 explosions other than the nightvision video? Here it is..

The lighted center is the night sky..

Now you can see the 2 plumes on either side of the street. Again, the lighted center is but the sky. So it’s become very clear to me..this was a job, not a lone patsy. A military-style raid that ultimately failed. It left people running confused and the cops to deal with them. Not to mention the so-called recorded gunfire continues minutes after the blast, which left the approaching cops to turn and run. Listen to their comms. All the while, the Black Hats slipped out the back while they were all distracted. The White Hat team? They just slipped back into the building for a later extraction off the record. Once the bodycam video dropped and I was able to study everything in order compared to it, it was easy to see what this was. I’ve attached the full bodycam video below. Watch and decide for yourself. We Are At Internal War…this was not China. How do I know? Foreign forces and terrorists wouldn’t have played a message to get to safety or given time to prevent civilian casualties. This was American Mercs V Patriots. A Coup.

Check And Mate…

Here’s what’s interesting to me. Have any of you given a thought to what the days’ announcement from the Supreme Court meant? Of course you have! Many of you are bitter. Disappointed. Sad, even. The “Last Line Has Failed Us”. However, think logically and on a larger scale than you’re normally percepted to. Here’s my point:

Notice the Pattern

Did any of you find it odd that in the largest State case brought to the Supreme Court, was then in turn rejected by none other than the 3 newly sworn in Trump nominees? Though Alito and Thomas did not dissent? Strange. Justices Alito and Thomas are not Trump nominees, yet they make up 2 of the 5 Conservatives actively serving on the Court. So what gives? Well, this is where it gets good.

Do you think it was an accident that these justices President Trump appointed went rogue? Do you think they’re afraid and/or inexperienced? Wolves in shepherds clothing? I don’t believe that for a second. Just rewatch their confirmation hearings and you’ll think differently. All 3 went through the wringers and faired quite well. No, I find it more interesting that they sided together to do nothing. To just let this play out without interference. But why? Because they’re in the know, that’s why. Their allegiances are in order. They knew to stay out of the way because of what’s coming. What needed to come to truly salvage our Republic. The 14th.

The writing’s on the wall. The signs are and have been there, if you were picking up what was being put down. There’s but one way to right our ship and save this nation. The forefathers put it there for a reason. Tyranny is never but a stones throw away. It’s the Insurrectionists Act. So, to not further delay it’s invocation, these 3 justices stepped back. They intuitively knew what was at stake with further litigating and wasting time. Well, the time is finally at hand. The Navy has blockaded the nation. Military assets are flooding the country. It’s here. Just be prepared and do not act surprised. This was inevitable.

This Isn’t Over…It’s Only Just Begun

The Great Reset…

Make no mistake, this was never about an Election. Hardly. It was always about a Constitutional crisis and those trying to destroy it. The Presidential race wasnt the endgame it was the impetus. The scope of 2020 was, as weve all witnessed, a horror show turned instructional documentary. Weve learned alot about the State of Our Union. The actors, directors, etc. Though I fear most of you missed the plot. Constitutional crisis! When the Republic is in danger from enemies seeking to overthrow or infiltrate, it becomes the SOLE responsibility of one person to uphold their Oath of Office in her defence. Foreign or Domestic. SCOTUS means little in this theater. This was the script from the beginning. It had to be exposed fully to garner the public support necessary for the Final Act: The Insurrections End. A scene none of has ever seen before. And it’ll be frightening and confusing for millions. But make no mistake, this was The Plan 🇺🇸

President Trump / General Patton

Decoding The Supreme Court..

Supreme Court Justice Alito, without any Justice dissent, threw out the Emergency Injuction of Pennsylvanias Electoral Certification posed by the Trump legal team and the Penn legislature. But why? Why was it posed that the matter “Should’ve been brought to the Court before the Injuction was necessary”? It sounds deceptive and beyond comprehension. How can you appeal an injustice before it’s been conducted? Here’s why:

The Justices of the Supreme Court aren’t without standing. Not entirely, anyway. Sure, there’s the Progressive 4, but Alito isn’t one of them. The point he was making, and the reason for the full lack of opposition was that if the State and Constitutional rules of law were being circumvented, then it needed to be presented pre-election day. Not after. Which was already known to have been done. Ok, so be it. But, again, Alito isn’t dumb. He knew this 2 months ago too, but it’s not up to SCOTUS to step in. They need to be petitioned. And he’s right. The SCOTUS is matter of fact and so should be in any Constitutional argument. However, within “The Plan” being perpetrated, the Trump Team could not tip their hand preemptively. The fraud, much like many other crimes within the last 8 months, had to play out. They had to be shown, otherwise they wouldn’t have had the same effect. Nor held the same weight. So now the good news…

What that ruling didn’t say was that the entire case would be disregarded. The State can continue it’s certification process, but that the matter still appears before the court. It’s yet to be ruled on or ruled out as worthy of a hearing. But this is where the State of Texas, et al; comes into play.

The purposes of the Courts’ dismissal was two-fold: One, it cleared up the first fact of not filing before necessary (emergency injunction) however, and more importantly, it cleared up a redundancy factor, i.e., the Texas suit. As this suit is far larger and broader in scope than just Pennsylvania. It encompasses the EI dismissal times 6 over. With 9 States Attorneys currently active in the suit the SCOTUS has passed on the much smaller version. Well, for now anyway. This is really good news, by the way. My guess is that other States will file jointly as well. Iowa? Indiana? Ohio? Maybe so. Bringing the total to a Statutory Class-Action to contest the swing state results. And Constitutionally justified.

Nevermind the naysayers and doubters. The law is clear on elections. The Constitution wasn’t vague on this point. It must and will be upheld. It just needed to be approached accordingly. With these many States contesting, and more to come intuitionally, they’ve no choice but to defer to themselves and disregard State Court levels. What will they rule? Nothing more than the Articles denote. So relax my fellow Conservatives. All is well placed. If not…then there are much more drastic measures that can and most assuredly will be taken. Study your Constitution..I have. There’s vast more stringent actions that the President can take to balance these scales. Yet, they pertain to much harsher deliverings. Not that the Trump supporters much care anymore. Nor do I. Most would actually prefer them. And I can’t disagree.

Do Your Eyes Deceive You, Or Is Your Vision Clear…

Let’s not pretend that this election was legitimate. It wasn’t. Though, our unfailingly MainStream Media would have us believe that it was. As they’ve determinately portrayed daily. They are, however, a bad joke anymore. “There’s a Jew and a Pollock that walks in a bar” Yes, it is that bad. And here’s why: The whole thing was fixed. Rigged, really. A huge, awful, predicated joke. Poorly conducted, I may add…amd I do freely. However, it’s of little importance anymore. We all know and are convinced of this, easily. How could you not be? But lets just get to the meat. The Sustinance. As we all need the point…


This is Major. The dog Joe supposedly tripped over to hairline fracture his right ankle. Seems inocuous enough. Could happen to anybody, right? However, in his own words, it was a pup over a rug. Does Major look like a pup to you? No. No he does not. Yet another lie Joe! But who’s keeping score anymore? I am.

Broken Ankle?

Why is all of your weight on a broken ankle Joe? Are you Superhuman? Ankle injuries hurt to hell! I’ve had them. You cannot skip past them. They’re like a toothache. They’re incessant. So how are you able to walk on it? Drugs? Are you medicated beyond feel? That’s compromising, don’t you think? Let’s dig deeper…

Everything Seems Just Fine…

Here’s the hook: Does anyone believe Joe has a bum ankle? A medical exception? Or is it more likely (Occams’ Razor) that the simplest answer is the correct answer? That he doesn’t have a medical issue, but a legal one. That the boot is covering up, not an injury, but a long series of crimes come to a head. Meaning, that boot is covering up a coverup. Tattoo artists know the pain I speak of. What i’m claiming is there’s an ankle monitor under that disguise. And there most assuredly is. Mark these words: Listen to me now, and believe me later…you’re watching TV drama. You’re not peeking behind the curtain. I, and many others can. What we know and see is…The End. The Plan. Trust It. 🇺🇸


Let Us Not Forget The Minutemen

These are the on-the-ground defenders of our Liberty. The bearers of the responsibility of the Patriotic heart. Boldly guarding our way of life without concern for order or self. These men and women have defiantly braved the streets and have provided the necessary fight to quell what is, in no small terms, an uprising against our Constitutional Republic. A faux movement comprised of citizens who can barely understand Common Core Math, let alone basic History lessons. In their view, (The Antifa jokes), feel History also needs to be re-written. Started over. “The Great Reset”. Well who doesn’t want a do-over when you’ve gotten it wrong, or can’t understand something the rest can? Confusion usually leads to anger. It’s a natural reaction, but I digress.

The moral and ethical point to this article is that we don’t forget our warriors in turn. The Proud Boys. Those American Patriots who keep showing up to these events, who fight when we are unable or are unwilling to. They do this out of love, not recognition. For balance, not fear. These are the modern day Minutemen of Revolutionary old. You know..The Spirit of ’76 as has been taught? Yes, we all have that Spirit, but who actually uses it in such a tangible, effective and demonstrative way? We say alot, but actions always speak louder. These Patriots are actionable. These…are Our Proud Boys.

So why does it go that defenders of the Republic need to be classified as ” White Extremists”, “Right-Wing Anarchists”, or “Trump Thugs”? We all know why. Because there can only be one perspective and one revolt at a time, according to our LameStream Media. They’ve ostensibily chosen their side, so have we. It’s time, however, that we stop rooting and start praising the actions of these Americans. They’re bravely perfoming all of the duties that we all have as rulers of our own fate. PROUD BOYS…you are truly Knighted by We The People…

Take the time to what this short video, as it should inspire you. it’s the least all of us who are non-committal can do in return. 🇺🇸

Watch “President Trump Speaks Out About Voter Fraud !!!”

No article here, just a view into the coming retribution. It’s not what President Trump is saying, that’s important, it’s what he’s not saying that matters. He’s alluding to what must come next to balance the scales of Liberty and Electoral freedom. And if you’re unsure of what that may be read my article “The Best May Be Yet To Come…” then you’ll understand.

The Investigators Being Investigated

Dan Bongino does it again. In his latest PodCast of Excellence, Dan laid out the Barr statement perfectly; in only the simplest constructive reading terms that can be digested by the masses. Hat Tip to DBS 🎩

The Mueller Team

As I reported yesterday, December 1st, there was more than what met the eye in the official Deptartment of Justice press release concerning Election fraud. Not, at least, in their opinion of the lack of widespread fraud anyway. Obfuscation being the actual takeaway from the quote, if you payed attention that is. What is the old saying? The “sugar is in the honey”? Well that’s where you’ll find it anyway. That said, a counter-move was made simultaneously by Bill Barr that was left unattended by most. Officially appointing John Durham as Special Counsel to the Russia Hoax-Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Now you’ll probably say “so what?” And you would have been right. No report, no charges; save one low-end FBI attorney. However, that was then. John Durham has only been appointed as a Special Assistant to date. Just a researcher with enough clearance to look at what he needs to. The ultimate power to bring indictments were never his to begin with. All that has just changed.

A.G Bill Barr and S.C. John Durham

As Dan Bongino pointed out in todays show, the watchers have become the watched. They have been cleverly put on notice in such an ambiguous message that one has to chuckle at the fact that it was delivered as a double entendre. Brilliantly worded Mr. Barr…another Hat Tip 🎩

Here’s Dans quote: “Soo the Special Council (Durham) will be looking into the Administration of President Trump and any illegal activities…” Meaning any further spying on the Administration Vs. the spying done on the campaign..? So “they” were spying into the post-inauguration Administration too? You’d better believe it. Although Dan reserves putting out conclusions on his show, because he doesn’t want to be caught holding the bag if he bets and loses on a personal edict. That’s okay. I can do it for him. I’m just an uptick, small blog that doesn’t have to fear losing advertisers. I don’t have any yet! Anyway, here’s my quote: “They’re coming…for you Bob. And Jim, Peter, Andrew, James, Susan, Lisa and the rest.” Your time is short. Will they be prosecuted? Yes, it’s just a matter of when. But let me ask you this…remember Mueller took a Mulligan in front of Congress. Why? He opted out because he knew what would come later. So how many of these big actors will flip on the Cabal at the top who orchestrated this mess to save their own necks? Now it gets fun to watch…

“The Special Counsel has a Special Counsel who is investigating the Special Counsel for any potential illegalities the Special Counsel may have committed while being being investigated by the new Special Counsel” 🤣 You can’t make this stuff up folks! Do not bail out on Barrs’ Department of Justice, or John Durham. This is timed, planned and coordinated. You can’t see their tactics. You don’t understand the Big-Game of Legal Eagles, but you’re learning on the fly, like myself. The Election fraud comes first. Then the spying. In that order of importance. It’s how this must go. And if you’re still skeptical or cynical, all I can say is….Stay Tuned. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


There’s More Here Than Meets The Eye

I’ve expressed my analogy of the post-election theater as being a chess match many times in my previous articles and personal posts. So this public statement arm wrestle between the Trump Legal Team and Bill Barrs’ Department of Justice is just another piece movement along that “board.” How do I know this? Wishful thinking? Inside sources? Neither. However, like any astute Chessman, if you’ve seen a players match moves often enough you get to recognize them as they play out. They’re signatures moves and predictive tells, all in one. This little parlor play is no different.

In keeping with the tactics of Donald J. Trump, the Master of redirection, comes his latest illusion. He shows you one thing and draws your attention away, while simultaneously putting cards up his sleeve for the next part of the trick. It’s Magic 101. Distraction technique. Never let the left hand see what the right hand is doing.

“This is no time for tricks” you may be saying. “Time is wasting and things don’t really seem to be going his way” you lament. However, there are some of you who get it. And there are those amongst us who know patience and tactics well enough to hold off judgement. These deceptive plans do reveal themselves in one way or another. So lets look at AG Barr and his current stances and proclamations on Election Fraud:

Sept. 9 2020 • AG Barr concluded that the independendent commission on Federal Election Reform, which were co-chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker, that in 2005 mail-in ballots indeed opened the door to a vastly easier opportunity for voter fraud and coersion.

November 9 2020 • Barr announces Department of Justice to investigate multiple accusations of various voter fraud claims in multiple states.

November 9 2020 • Director of Elections Securities Division Richard Pilger resigns over Barr memo giving green light to investigate 2020 General Elections.

November 14 2020 • 16 DOJ Prosecutors tell Barr there’s no evidence of “widespread” voter fraud. Ask for investigations to be shut down.

And Then This….

So what gives? Well, let’s flasback to yesterday when it was reported that a DOJ Gulfstream jet took off from Virginia in an unscheduled run to Fulton County Georgia. The flight taxied in there for about 2 hours approximately and then departed for Washington D.C. thereafter. Hardly a return flight. Less so of a leisure trip either. Seems telling, given at the time the Dominion machines had, or were in the process of being tampered with in that county. Even more conspicuous is that shortly after, that crooked Secretary of State reported there are over 250 “credible” investigations into “serious” voter fraud that are ongoing in the State. That too seems to point to something different than is being reported. Well if that’s the case; and the coincidences seem to be far too timely to be just that, then why todays statement of concession? Well that’s easy. Smoke and Mirror. The appearance of impartiality and a fair amount of enemy deception. Because if the enemy knows when you’re coming and where, it’s far easier to hide what you’re doing and scatter. No..i’m sorry to say to all of the doubters out there, but there is no rift between Trump and Barr. It’s mere theatrics to keep the guessers guessing and the opposition blinded. As a matter of fact Barr is present at the White House Situation Room as we speak. No doubt exchanging intel and planning the next move. So fear nothing and trust that the plan will not be conducted to your liking or timeframe. These are Master players at work. It’s what they do for a living. So sit back..relax..and watch and learn. 🇺🇸

The Best May Be Yet To Come…

With the results of the 2020 election in limbo and the legal battles therein being too foggy for the layman to determine which is a win and which is a loss, there remains an Alamo Scenario most have glossed over. However, if Trump wins, this article won’t matter anymore than a Sweepstakes entry form to a lifetime subscription of Time Magazine. He’ll just go on to victory and busy himself with dismantling the corruption of the Democrat party that has tried to deconstruct our American Institutions and way of life. If he loses by exhausting all legal avenues, to no avail, well then he’ll be vastly within his right and Executive power to “Remember the Alamo”.

The Alamo…San Antonio, Texas

What exactly does this mean and what precisely is “The Alamo Scenario”? It’s the weapon President Trump has had in his back pocket that I’ve mentioned in previous posts months ago. It’s the Ultimate Redeemer. It’s the Great Equalizer….it’s called the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Fourteenth Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment grants President Trump the power to defend our Nation from domestic enemies of ALL types. What the powers of the Amendment distinctly grants is to provide a broad range of measures for the sitting President to use in dealing with officials, individuals and states that are engaged in “rebellion” against the United States of America. Moreover, the Fourteenth Amendment grants the U.S. President the power to “Arrest and detain indefinitely, any public official holding elected office, civil or military” just for starters. Section 3 of this Amendment includes, but is not limited to, the arrest and detainment of: Senators, Representatives, Govenors, State Legislators, Federal Judges, Mayors and Law Enforcement positions who have supported, or given aid and/or comfort to a rebellion within the United States, or have done so for the enemies of America in the same.

Predicting The Future…

In Section 2, the President may also eliminate House of Representatives seats in those states which are engaged in the above mentioned rebellion against the United States. This means that, in addition, Electoral College votes would also be proportionately redacted in these states. Consequently, it would also apply to states that merely house insurrectionists. As that would fall under aid and comfort. Even if secession wasn’t that particular States’ intention.
Also it eliminates all federal financial support to cities and states which are engaged in “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States. That all such claims of federal money obligations to the states “shall be held illegal and void.”

The overall encompassing passage of the Fourteenth Amendment gives citizens “equal protection” under the law, but for public officials or states which are engaged in active “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States. Those equal protections would thereby be revoked. Which none of these truths have slipped past the Democrats, by any stretch. They know what President Trump holds in his hands. And they’re terrified of it. Let’s not forget the last 4 years and why. First it was to keep him away from the secrets, then it was to keep him from revealing the secrets, now it’s to keep him from prosecuting the secrets. Plain and simple. However, no dirty deed shall go unpunished.

The Defendants…

Democrat- led states are already engaged in open rebellion and have been for some months now. Aiding and comforting illegal insurrectionists who are attempting to overthrow the United States government. Black Lives Matter, Antifa and a whole hosts of politicians supporting the same.
This includes: Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Washington, Illinois and California…just to name a few. And the open fact that the power and enforcement structures of these States’ Govenors, Mayors, Legislators and cower-down Police Chiefs have granted them aid or comfort. In many cases they’ve even been footing the bill! Or we have, when you stop to think about it.

“Let He Without Sin, Cast The First Stone”

Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment outright addresses voter suppression in no small terms as well. It states this: “States which support the suppression of the ability of citizens to participate in voting will lose a portion of their own seats in Congress as well as Electoral College representation.” I think it’s obvious we’ve since crossed that threshold with illegal ballot stuffing, rigged Dominion voting systems and outright censorship by the Mainstream Media and Social Media platforms. Wouldn’t you agree?

Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment explains the consequences of violating the Act: “No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” The wording leaves no room for interpretation. It speaks loud and clear. And from what we’ve all seen over the months and including the election fraud, I believe we crossed this one as well. So what happens now? What comes next? I’m unsure. I’d like to think we’ll be seeing sweeping raids and high-profile people in handcuffs, however, President Trump is anything BUT conventional. I can predict one thing though. Since the 14th Amendment has been clearly violated in every true sense of it’s form, here’s what will happen. If it’s not happening in-part already.
Section 4 of the Fourteenth Amendment states: “Neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States.” What that means is that cities and states suffering economic losses due to supporting riots and insurrection may not make any claim for federal money to reimburse them for said losses. As those financial losses were incurred while supporting an illegal activity against the United States.

If President Trump decides to invoke the Insurrection Act it will allow for all of the treasonous actors to be arrested and removed from power. Also for states to lose electoral rights. Opening the door for those States’ citizens to rise up and take back their own leadership.
This is what I believe the President must do to Right the Ship. To rid our nation of the bilge-rat infestation in our political system. To pave the way for a better, brighter future for all Americans. 🇺🇸