Watch “Jerome Corsi “Killing the Deep State” #Q #Trump2020″ on YouTube

Dr. Jerome Corsi has been inside the United States military and it’s politics for over 3 decades. The fact that he was witch-hunted by the Mueller team, to no avail, should tell you everything you need to know. What he says in this speech is as good as cash. Like Lincoln Wood and Sydney Powell, he doesn’t say these things lightly. Nor requite his reputation and livelihood without careful consideration. What he’s purporting is inside baseball. Tough to digest and even tougher to believe. Afterall, where are these arrests? Ahh…that’s the real Question. Though, not where…when. The Plan has been in place and orchestrated for near 6 years now. Pre-Trump, yet not possible without him. Listen carefully to what he reveals. It will explain all of your open-ended Questions regarding all, to this point. The When is here. The Who is obvious on the higher levels. It’s all in position. I can only say to Stay Tuned and be ready for the inevitable fight after-the-fact.

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