Still Think It’s A Hoax?…

Just a quick point:

If you’ve been watching the Pennsylvania Senate hearings, then you should take notice of how Rudy Giuliani has been able to accurately disclose Mail-In ballot numbers, where they’ve gone and the discrepencies therein. Math is important here. In an election where 47 flash drives in, Pennsylvania alone, have been “inexplicably” lost..then where do these precise numbers come from?
🤔..oh right! The QRS Block Chain Technology put onto the ballot envelopes that most have scoffed as Fake News and Conspiracy Theory. It was told that the Trump Administration was way ahead of the curve on how they would cheat. Or try to. So they took large measures beforehand through DHS and USPS to be able to track and catch the Mail-In fraud that was expected. So get out of your doldrums America and start to…
Trust The Plan…

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