Watch “Colonel Phil Waldron gives Expert Analysis in Pennsylvania” on YouTube

Of course, watch this entire excerpt from todays testimony, however pay special attention to the Giuliani/Waldron exchange near his summation. Numbers never lie. It’s staggering..NO!..obvious that Pennsylvania was stolen. Better yet, tried to be. The problem, besides the electronic theft, was the Mail-In procedure. It defied any and all law provision on Absentee Balloting. Without an envelope to cure a ballot legally, you have no ballot. That ballot has no chain of custody. Hence, it is thrown out by Penn law! Yet it gets better. The numbers coming out by the canvassers in those Wee hours are impossible by the voting machine tabulation capacity. It exeeded the capabilities by 100 fold. Proved evidence that just Broke. As you know, all machines have limitations in productivity. The Colonel dissected these machines, with his team of quality geeks, and offers the undeniable truth. 690,000 plus/minus votes for Biden VS 3200 plus/minus for Trump in that timeframe. Not only impossible to tabulate that volume, but the overwhelming Biden numbers have never bern done for any candidate in history. Not even close by alot. Trust The Plan…it’s coming.

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