CISA Confirmation of DHS Security Measures on Mail-In Ballots…

Conspiracy Theories? Fake News? You can throw those right out the window. 📬

I’ll keep this article brief, as a picture is worth a thousand words. So to all of the non-believers and fake fact-checkers here’s your proof. The above image was pulled off of the CISA website as a pdf. I’ve also included the weblink below:

Click to access mail-in-voting-election-integrity-safeguards_508.pdf

So if you’re still unsure, undecided, or disregarding the fact that this election wasn’t planned ahead for, then you’re only fooling yourself. Much like the ample evidence of voter fraud, there is ample evidence of voter safeguarding. However, I think this data file says it all. Especially the bottom two definitions. ✔

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