Numbers Don’t Lie…

Let’s do some simple math here Parler:

In a 90 minute timespan 604,000 votes in Philadelphias’ Delaware County were uploaded into the ESS/Dominion Voting Systems logs. As recorded in the Pennsylvania Secretary of States’ ballot tracking website. We’ll come back to that… Here’s the catch: In one ballot drop 337,000 +/- votes were dumped into the system at once. Not very eye opening unless you know the companys’ own manufacturers capacity limitations. Which that 1 particular drop far exceeds. The subsequent drops to follow in that 90 minute span were roughly 170,00 and 100,000 respectively. Still beyond the capability of those machines as one-time dumps. They cannot tabulate that many votes (604,000) in that timeframe, as votes are inserted one a time. So you have to naturally assume this was done via memory card or flashdrive insertions. And it was. So you have 604,000 votes in 90 minutes. How many went to who? Well, 570,000 +/- went to Joe Biden. So Trump got only 34,000? Hardly. Try 3,200 +/-. See the sloppy mistakes they made? That’s because of the overwhelming support the President got by We The People. So they were sent scrambling to catch up and big mistakes were made. That said, let’s get back to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State. The official total of mail-in ballot requests, according to their website, was 1,700,000 +/- yet the total counted mail-in ballots were 2,500,000 +/- as of election day close. And those numbers, as of 11/4/20 have been removed inexplicably from the website. The site now posts accrueing totals 22 days Post-Election. Which by Pennsylvania law are obsolete numbers. The requested ballots are what actually count here, not the submitted ballots. The requested count are the only legally observed ballots in play. So subtract the 2 numbers and you get the flip amount necessary. Pretty simple. Though, now it’s easier to see why Pennsylvania will flip back to the President. With more states to follow…

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