Welcome To Camp Delta JTF Joint Detention Group Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

A Past Look Into The Current Situation: Traitors Beware Of 4 More Years… (1 of 2 relating posts)


I posted about the long forgotten upgrade and expansion of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility some time ago. It heralded very little notice, as I was a greenhorn to Parler and didn’t have much of a following. So i’m revisiting the subject again, as in recent weeks air travel to and fro has escalated to the small Cove installation. What does that mean? Well, I could explain in detail my findings, but i’ve left it to this older report attached above. It has many verification links embedded in the text for the hardcore research junkies like myself. However, there’s also a video tag in there as well for the less inclined. The summation here is the expansion for “High-Level Targets” that President Trump has prepared it for. Does that mean terrorists? Sure. In part. Though, it currently houses only 40 or so inmates. So are we expecting that many terrorists to warrant expansion then? Hardly. It’s been done for the purposes of domestic civil and political treasonists and Deep State insurrectionists. Don’t act as if we haven’t been seeing who they are in the past months. Years even. So prepare yourselves for the unexpected expectations and the unimaginable reality of whats approaching. The Storm is Coming.

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