Sealed Fate?…You Asked For It

My reminder to Andrew Cuomo:

Remember when you said that “If I wasnt Govenor i’d punch Trump in the face”? You know, because in your world Govenors outweigh the sitting President…

That was great television👍

And remember when you said that “Trump better not come to New York without an army”? You know, to the sitting President…

That was great theater👍

Or how about your more recent one, where you said “The Supreme Court decision was irrelevant”?

Well let me just clarify, you know, the Constitution for you. SCOTUS has no enforcement powers to carry out their decisions. That power, unfortunately, lies solely with the Executive Branch. So remember all of that tough talk you thought was just playtime?

Defy the order…and you’ll be meeting that army.
Only we call them the Army National Guard 🇺🇸

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