All Words To The Wise, Scranton Joe ⏳ The Sands Are Running Out…

Make no mistake, the pieces on the board are lining up. Chess being a thinking mans game requires skill and no small amount of patience. However, when the game is nearing it’s end and the opponent is running out of options, it is then that he often makes his biggest mistakes. That is not only an omage of the run up to election day, where the Biden team knew they were sunk, but also to the battle over the post election debacle. Which is now looking more and more like the game has been won. It’s just that Biden doesn’t know it yet.

Consider the 14+ Cabinet and D.O.D replacements in the past week. What do they really mean? Well, you’d have to go through them one by one to see their individual importances pertaining to that Posts’ role in the next Trump Presidency. I can say with a high degree of confidence, however, that each move has great importance in this battle playing out over election fraud, treason and the multitude of other High Crimes that took place. Yet there was one move that stuck out more so than any other. And I believe it will have the biggest post election impact.

Former Federal prosecutor-turned defense attorney Sydney Powell has changed titles yet again. She is now registered as a Military attorney. But is that really that important? Absolutely. Crimes against the Republic dealing with Treason, Sedition, Terrorism (foreign or domestic), etc. can and will be relegated to Military courts or Tribunals for prosecution. Why though? Why would some of those cases not be handled in Federal court like normal? Well, because of the Executive Order put in place last year calling for the Nation to be in a “State of Emergency” reguarding foreign infiltration of our elections. It goes broader than just that, but the song remains the same. These deep staters and politicians will be tried. And my guess…Ms. Powell will be the main Prosecutor 😊

Listen To The Woman Joe!

Or it’ll be your jail cell….

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