There’s More Here Than Meets The Eye

I’ve expressed my analogy of the post-election theater as being a chess match many times in my previous articles and personal posts. So this public statement arm wrestle between the Trump Legal Team and Bill Barrs’ Department of Justice is just another piece movement along that “board.” How do I know this? Wishful thinking? Inside sources? Neither. However, like any astute Chessman, if you’ve seen a players match moves often enough you get to recognize them as they play out. They’re signatures moves and predictive tells, all in one. This little parlor play is no different.

In keeping with the tactics of Donald J. Trump, the Master of redirection, comes his latest illusion. He shows you one thing and draws your attention away, while simultaneously putting cards up his sleeve for the next part of the trick. It’s Magic 101. Distraction technique. Never let the left hand see what the right hand is doing.

“This is no time for tricks” you may be saying. “Time is wasting and things don’t really seem to be going his way” you lament. However, there are some of you who get it. And there are those amongst us who know patience and tactics well enough to hold off judgement. These deceptive plans do reveal themselves in one way or another. So lets look at AG Barr and his current stances and proclamations on Election Fraud:

Sept. 9 2020 • AG Barr concluded that the independendent commission on Federal Election Reform, which were co-chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker, that in 2005 mail-in ballots indeed opened the door to a vastly easier opportunity for voter fraud and coersion.

November 9 2020 • Barr announces Department of Justice to investigate multiple accusations of various voter fraud claims in multiple states.

November 9 2020 • Director of Elections Securities Division Richard Pilger resigns over Barr memo giving green light to investigate 2020 General Elections.

November 14 2020 • 16 DOJ Prosecutors tell Barr there’s no evidence of “widespread” voter fraud. Ask for investigations to be shut down.

And Then This….

So what gives? Well, let’s flasback to yesterday when it was reported that a DOJ Gulfstream jet took off from Virginia in an unscheduled run to Fulton County Georgia. The flight taxied in there for about 2 hours approximately and then departed for Washington D.C. thereafter. Hardly a return flight. Less so of a leisure trip either. Seems telling, given at the time the Dominion machines had, or were in the process of being tampered with in that county. Even more conspicuous is that shortly after, that crooked Secretary of State reported there are over 250 “credible” investigations into “serious” voter fraud that are ongoing in the State. That too seems to point to something different than is being reported. Well if that’s the case; and the coincidences seem to be far too timely to be just that, then why todays statement of concession? Well that’s easy. Smoke and Mirror. The appearance of impartiality and a fair amount of enemy deception. Because if the enemy knows when you’re coming and where, it’s far easier to hide what you’re doing and scatter. No..i’m sorry to say to all of the doubters out there, but there is no rift between Trump and Barr. It’s mere theatrics to keep the guessers guessing and the opposition blinded. As a matter of fact Barr is present at the White House Situation Room as we speak. No doubt exchanging intel and planning the next move. So fear nothing and trust that the plan will not be conducted to your liking or timeframe. These are Master players at work. It’s what they do for a living. So sit back..relax..and watch and learn. 🇺🇸

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