Let Us Not Forget The Minutemen

These are the on-the-ground defenders of our Liberty. The bearers of the responsibility of the Patriotic heart. Boldly guarding our way of life without concern for order or self. These men and women have defiantly braved the streets and have provided the necessary fight to quell what is, in no small terms, an uprising against our Constitutional Republic. A faux movement comprised of citizens who can barely understand Common Core Math, let alone basic History lessons. In their view, (The Antifa jokes), feel History also needs to be re-written. Started over. “The Great Reset”. Well who doesn’t want a do-over when you’ve gotten it wrong, or can’t understand something the rest can? Confusion usually leads to anger. It’s a natural reaction, but I digress.

The moral and ethical point to this article is that we don’t forget our warriors in turn. The Proud Boys. Those American Patriots who keep showing up to these events, who fight when we are unable or are unwilling to. They do this out of love, not recognition. For balance, not fear. These are the modern day Minutemen of Revolutionary old. You know..The Spirit of ’76 as has been taught? Yes, we all have that Spirit, but who actually uses it in such a tangible, effective and demonstrative way? We say alot, but actions always speak louder. These Patriots are actionable. These…are Our Proud Boys.

So why does it go that defenders of the Republic need to be classified as ” White Extremists”, “Right-Wing Anarchists”, or “Trump Thugs”? We all know why. Because there can only be one perspective and one revolt at a time, according to our LameStream Media. They’ve ostensibily chosen their side, so have we. It’s time, however, that we stop rooting and start praising the actions of these Americans. They’re bravely perfoming all of the duties that we all have as rulers of our own fate. PROUD BOYS…you are truly Knighted by We The People…

Take the time to what this short video, as it should inspire you. it’s the least all of us who are non-committal can do in return. 🇺🇸

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