Do Your Eyes Deceive You, Or Is Your Vision Clear…

Let’s not pretend that this election was legitimate. It wasn’t. Though, our unfailingly MainStream Media would have us believe that it was. As they’ve determinately portrayed daily. They are, however, a bad joke anymore. “There’s a Jew and a Pollock that walks in a bar” Yes, it is that bad. And here’s why: The whole thing was fixed. Rigged, really. A huge, awful, predicated joke. Poorly conducted, I may add…amd I do freely. However, it’s of little importance anymore. We all know and are convinced of this, easily. How could you not be? But lets just get to the meat. The Sustinance. As we all need the point…


This is Major. The dog Joe supposedly tripped over to hairline fracture his right ankle. Seems inocuous enough. Could happen to anybody, right? However, in his own words, it was a pup over a rug. Does Major look like a pup to you? No. No he does not. Yet another lie Joe! But who’s keeping score anymore? I am.

Broken Ankle?

Why is all of your weight on a broken ankle Joe? Are you Superhuman? Ankle injuries hurt to hell! I’ve had them. You cannot skip past them. They’re like a toothache. They’re incessant. So how are you able to walk on it? Drugs? Are you medicated beyond feel? That’s compromising, don’t you think? Let’s dig deeper…

Everything Seems Just Fine…

Here’s the hook: Does anyone believe Joe has a bum ankle? A medical exception? Or is it more likely (Occams’ Razor) that the simplest answer is the correct answer? That he doesn’t have a medical issue, but a legal one. That the boot is covering up, not an injury, but a long series of crimes come to a head. Meaning, that boot is covering up a coverup. Tattoo artists know the pain I speak of. What i’m claiming is there’s an ankle monitor under that disguise. And there most assuredly is. Mark these words: Listen to me now, and believe me later…you’re watching TV drama. You’re not peeking behind the curtain. I, and many others can. What we know and see is…The End. The Plan. Trust It. 🇺🇸


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