Decoding The Supreme Court..

Supreme Court Justice Alito, without any Justice dissent, threw out the Emergency Injuction of Pennsylvanias Electoral Certification posed by the Trump legal team and the Penn legislature. But why? Why was it posed that the matter “Should’ve been brought to the Court before the Injuction was necessary”? It sounds deceptive and beyond comprehension. How can you appeal an injustice before it’s been conducted? Here’s why:

The Justices of the Supreme Court aren’t without standing. Not entirely, anyway. Sure, there’s the Progressive 4, but Alito isn’t one of them. The point he was making, and the reason for the full lack of opposition was that if the State and Constitutional rules of law were being circumvented, then it needed to be presented pre-election day. Not after. Which was already known to have been done. Ok, so be it. But, again, Alito isn’t dumb. He knew this 2 months ago too, but it’s not up to SCOTUS to step in. They need to be petitioned. And he’s right. The SCOTUS is matter of fact and so should be in any Constitutional argument. However, within “The Plan” being perpetrated, the Trump Team could not tip their hand preemptively. The fraud, much like many other crimes within the last 8 months, had to play out. They had to be shown, otherwise they wouldn’t have had the same effect. Nor held the same weight. So now the good news…

What that ruling didn’t say was that the entire case would be disregarded. The State can continue it’s certification process, but that the matter still appears before the court. It’s yet to be ruled on or ruled out as worthy of a hearing. But this is where the State of Texas, et al; comes into play.

The purposes of the Courts’ dismissal was two-fold: One, it cleared up the first fact of not filing before necessary (emergency injunction) however, and more importantly, it cleared up a redundancy factor, i.e., the Texas suit. As this suit is far larger and broader in scope than just Pennsylvania. It encompasses the EI dismissal times 6 over. With 9 States Attorneys currently active in the suit the SCOTUS has passed on the much smaller version. Well, for now anyway. This is really good news, by the way. My guess is that other States will file jointly as well. Iowa? Indiana? Ohio? Maybe so. Bringing the total to a Statutory Class-Action to contest the swing state results. And Constitutionally justified.

Nevermind the naysayers and doubters. The law is clear on elections. The Constitution wasn’t vague on this point. It must and will be upheld. It just needed to be approached accordingly. With these many States contesting, and more to come intuitionally, they’ve no choice but to defer to themselves and disregard State Court levels. What will they rule? Nothing more than the Articles denote. So relax my fellow Conservatives. All is well placed. If not…then there are much more drastic measures that can and most assuredly will be taken. Study your Constitution..I have. There’s vast more stringent actions that the President can take to balance these scales. Yet, they pertain to much harsher deliverings. Not that the Trump supporters much care anymore. Nor do I. Most would actually prefer them. And I can’t disagree.

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