Check And Mate…

Here’s what’s interesting to me. Have any of you given a thought to what the days’ announcement from the Supreme Court meant? Of course you have! Many of you are bitter. Disappointed. Sad, even. The “Last Line Has Failed Us”. However, think logically and on a larger scale than you’re normally percepted to. Here’s my point:

Notice the Pattern

Did any of you find it odd that in the largest State case brought to the Supreme Court, was then in turn rejected by none other than the 3 newly sworn in Trump nominees? Though Alito and Thomas did not dissent? Strange. Justices Alito and Thomas are not Trump nominees, yet they make up 2 of the 5 Conservatives actively serving on the Court. So what gives? Well, this is where it gets good.

Do you think it was an accident that these justices President Trump appointed went rogue? Do you think they’re afraid and/or inexperienced? Wolves in shepherds clothing? I don’t believe that for a second. Just rewatch their confirmation hearings and you’ll think differently. All 3 went through the wringers and faired quite well. No, I find it more interesting that they sided together to do nothing. To just let this play out without interference. But why? Because they’re in the know, that’s why. Their allegiances are in order. They knew to stay out of the way because of what’s coming. What needed to come to truly salvage our Republic. The 14th.

The writing’s on the wall. The signs are and have been there, if you were picking up what was being put down. There’s but one way to right our ship and save this nation. The forefathers put it there for a reason. Tyranny is never but a stones throw away. It’s the Insurrectionists Act. So, to not further delay it’s invocation, these 3 justices stepped back. They intuitively knew what was at stake with further litigating and wasting time. Well, the time is finally at hand. The Navy has blockaded the nation. Military assets are flooding the country. It’s here. Just be prepared and do not act surprised. This was inevitable.

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