This Isn’t Over…It’s Only Just Begun

The Great Reset…

Make no mistake, this was never about an Election. Hardly. It was always about a Constitutional crisis and those trying to destroy it. The Presidential race wasnt the endgame it was the impetus. The scope of 2020 was, as weve all witnessed, a horror show turned instructional documentary. Weve learned alot about the State of Our Union. The actors, directors, etc. Though I fear most of you missed the plot. Constitutional crisis! When the Republic is in danger from enemies seeking to overthrow or infiltrate, it becomes the SOLE responsibility of one person to uphold their Oath of Office in her defence. Foreign or Domestic. SCOTUS means little in this theater. This was the script from the beginning. It had to be exposed fully to garner the public support necessary for the Final Act: The Insurrections End. A scene none of has ever seen before. And it’ll be frightening and confusing for millions. But make no mistake, this was The Plan 🇺🇸

President Trump / General Patton

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