What Really Happened In Nashville? You Won’t Believe It…

I’ll start this out by telling you that this is my summation from the available information on what took place. However, don’t scoff just yet. There’s much to present here that backs up my theory. This was neither a missile attack, nor a direct energy weapon (D.E.W.), as I’ve tried to point out to so many. Anyway, that said, let’s get to it…

Special Forces Team

I’m going to skip the timelines and interviews that we’ve all seen already and tell you what happened in my own series of events. Times are mostly irrelevant. Although, all of you were right about what this was…you were just mistaken about how it went down. Yes! This was a military-style operation carried out by professionals. Yes! The goal was DVS voter and activity information. Perhaps even stored information and/or equipment within the building. There was only one problem to this plan…the counter-operations team inside the AT&T building that they were unaware were there. There were 2 goals in this op, yet the White Hats thwarted the primary objective. So to scuttle the mission they fled; blew the block and escaped with or without casualties. Now I’ll try and prove it…

What’s missing across from the R.V?

There’s a streetcam video that clearly shows the R.V did not blow first..and this is true. There’s also a nightvision camera that showed 2 plumes. One small, the other major..this is also true. Here’s why…there were 2 explosions set off on either side of the street. The first was underground to disable the lines coming out of the AT&T building (electrical, data, etc.) and the other explosion 1.5 seconds after to destroy the building. Or, at the very least, to cause the major diversion for extraction and also to give the cops something and someone to chase later. This secondary clean-up mission took place regardless of the primary fail. It’s classic SpecOp tactics. Take a look..

2 of several street utility access points..

So this screengrab shows you why and how the R.V didn’t blow first. It also shows you what all of those “work trucks” were doing on the street the day before, as reported by a resident and eyewitness. They were laying the underground ordinance for the next morning’s op. Which brings me to the gunfire/shootout. When the Black Hat team arrived they encountered a serious problem in breaching the building. The building had already been under security force protection. They had most likely even observed the days prep of the underground trapping and secured what it was they were actually guarding. So the firefight ensued when the OP began. Casualties? I’m unsure. In Special Operations no one is left for authorities to inspect. Messes must be cleaned up beforehand. Mission compromised. Destroy your footprints and extract. So here’s where their exit vehicle was stashed…

Attached Parking Garage..

Before their exit, they coordinated the explosions to facilitate their clean exit and draw off the cops. Destroy the utilities to the building was all they could acquire after all. I doubt it did the job other than disrupt services and air traffic control at the airport. Otherwise, why infiltrate the building as well? How do I know there were 2 explosions other than the nightvision video? Here it is..

The lighted center is the night sky..

Now you can see the 2 plumes on either side of the street. Again, the lighted center is but the sky. So it’s become very clear to me..this was a job, not a lone patsy. A military-style raid that ultimately failed. It left people running confused and the cops to deal with them. Not to mention the so-called recorded gunfire continues minutes after the blast, which left the approaching cops to turn and run. Listen to their comms. All the while, the Black Hats slipped out the back while they were all distracted. The White Hat team? They just slipped back into the building for a later extraction off the record. Once the bodycam video dropped and I was able to study everything in order compared to it, it was easy to see what this was. I’ve attached the full bodycam video below. Watch and decide for yourself. We Are At Internal War…this was not China. How do I know? Foreign forces and terrorists wouldn’t have played a message to get to safety or given time to prevent civilian casualties. This was American Mercs V Patriots. A Coup.

4 Replies to “What Really Happened In Nashville? You Won’t Believe It…”

  1. You Are The Man “Mr.”
    I said Christmas after Detonation….This was a White Hat vs Black Hat Op, and as stuff has dropped it just kept proving it.
    Like Hearing it From You Though “Mr.”


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