Meet The Man Who Is Going To Change Everything…

Some are calling former Army Intel Cosultant/Tech Guru Navid Keshavarz-Nia 👾 “The Kraken”. Although this writer sees him more as the Davey Jones in this 5 taled saga.

Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia / Attorney Sydney Powell

In the aricle released by evidence2020 and corroborated by other sources, Dr. Neshavarz had been working with the the Armys 305th Intelligence Battalion out of Arizona in deciphering the algorhythims and spywares used in the Dominion/ES&S election fraud. The information disseminated from the Kraken iOS multi-interface network became quite clear to Navid that he had seen these particular tactics in other elections around the world. So he decided it was time to go public and reached out to the Powell team.

The testimony provided by Dr. Keshavarz is not only professionally forensic, but will have further reaches than just this election. For that i’ll refer you to the Trump Executive Order regarding sanctions on Foreign Influences and interference in U.S. elections.

Excerpt from Dr. Neshavarz signed affidavit

In closing, i’ve attached the links to both the evidence2020 article and the PDF containing the full afidavit from Dr. Keshavarz (below)

Click to access gov.uscourts.mied.350905.1.19.pdf

Though, i’ll leave you with this: Start paying special attention to all the moves being made by President Trump and the D.O.D. Alone they don’t say much as far as the election goes, but together they paint a very different picture as to what’s being done behind the scenes. Nothing is by chance.

Wanted…For Treason, Sedition and Election Fraud

You’re Put On Notice…

To The Gold Members:

We follow you. We comment. We upvote.
We make your popularity. However, you’re becoming obsolete. The Independent media is where we get our information, not you. You’re all usually a day late in reporting. You post what has been done to death already. The worst thing is, is that you hardly even notice us. No comment votes. No follow backs. No comments to our material. Even though you bite off of everything we research and take credit for it. Here’s my point…”We don’t need your verification to verify us.”. The Independents are the trend all are just our sounding boards

Real News Now..not later…

All Words To The Wise, Scranton Joe ⏳ The Sands Are Running Out…

Make no mistake, the pieces on the board are lining up. Chess being a thinking mans game requires skill and no small amount of patience. However, when the game is nearing it’s end and the opponent is running out of options, it is then that he often makes his biggest mistakes. That is not only an omage of the run up to election day, where the Biden team knew they were sunk, but also to the battle over the post election debacle. Which is now looking more and more like the game has been won. It’s just that Biden doesn’t know it yet.

Consider the 14+ Cabinet and D.O.D replacements in the past week. What do they really mean? Well, you’d have to go through them one by one to see their individual importances pertaining to that Posts’ role in the next Trump Presidency. I can say with a high degree of confidence, however, that each move has great importance in this battle playing out over election fraud, treason and the multitude of other High Crimes that took place. Yet there was one move that stuck out more so than any other. And I believe it will have the biggest post election impact.

Former Federal prosecutor-turned defense attorney Sydney Powell has changed titles yet again. She is now registered as a Military attorney. But is that really that important? Absolutely. Crimes against the Republic dealing with Treason, Sedition, Terrorism (foreign or domestic), etc. can and will be relegated to Military courts or Tribunals for prosecution. Why though? Why would some of those cases not be handled in Federal court like normal? Well, because of the Executive Order put in place last year calling for the Nation to be in a “State of Emergency” reguarding foreign infiltration of our elections. It goes broader than just that, but the song remains the same. These deep staters and politicians will be tried. And my guess…Ms. Powell will be the main Prosecutor 😊

Listen To The Woman Joe!

Or it’ll be your jail cell….

“Follow The White Rabbit”

The White Rabbit is a metaphor for truth, however impossible that truth may seem. It’s elusive and dodgey, at best.

For the bold and adventurous, it’s the journey that makes the trip worth the effort. Most people don’t have the stamina to stay that unorthodox course, however. It’s often long and wrought with dead ends and disappointments. Though, if you have the desire and much needed patience, the prize is worth the cost in the end.

The White Rabbit has become the object of my attention and desire, in recent times, and I want to know more. Even if it takes a lifetime. I, for one, am of the belief that it will most assuredly become a lifelong love affair of what’s right and good. Hard to track at first, but with persistence she will be Mine in time.

Understanding the goal is of the most importance when chasing the White Rabbit. The object not being to catch and cage her for your own enjoyment. She is a free spirit and not yours alone to keep. No, the object is to meet her equally. Though, the heart must remain pure for she will not give up her secrets easily. But in time and with patience she will walk with you freely.

The Lion…King Of The Jungle

He Moves Slow And Calculating Out Of Wisdom. Never Haste. He Observes And Contemplates. Reserved For The Opportune Time. His Prey Moving Ever Closer, Unaware. You Won’t See Him Coming Until It’s Too Late. He Reclaims What Is Rightfully His. The Jungle Falls Silent. For It Knows…Order Has Been Restored.

Sealed Fate?…You Asked For It

My reminder to Andrew Cuomo:

Remember when you said that “If I wasnt Govenor i’d punch Trump in the face”? You know, because in your world Govenors outweigh the sitting President…

That was great television👍

And remember when you said that “Trump better not come to New York without an army”? You know, to the sitting President…

That was great theater👍

Or how about your more recent one, where you said “The Supreme Court decision was irrelevant”?

Well let me just clarify, you know, the Constitution for you. SCOTUS has no enforcement powers to carry out their decisions. That power, unfortunately, lies solely with the Executive Branch. So remember all of that tough talk you thought was just playtime?

Defy the order…and you’ll be meeting that army.
Only we call them the Army National Guard 🇺🇸

CISA Confirmation of DHS Security Measures on Mail-In Ballots…

Conspiracy Theories? Fake News? You can throw those right out the window. 📬

I’ll keep this article brief, as a picture is worth a thousand words. So to all of the non-believers and fake fact-checkers here’s your proof. The above image was pulled off of the CISA website as a pdf. I’ve also included the weblink below:

Click to access mail-in-voting-election-integrity-safeguards_508.pdf

So if you’re still unsure, undecided, or disregarding the fact that this election wasn’t planned ahead for, then you’re only fooling yourself. Much like the ample evidence of voter fraud, there is ample evidence of voter safeguarding. However, I think this data file says it all. Especially the bottom two definitions. ✔

House Democrats Fall Into Trump Trap, Pass Bill Allowing Gitmo Trials To Be Televised

Albeit another older article, the point here is also positioning. It’s an addition to my last post on Guantanamo Bay JDG Camp Delta. What it does is point out the direction that everything we see and have seen over the last 4 years is heading. Some plans just take time to properly orchestrate. However, the trials and subsequent “convictions” will now be airing on a yet disclosed military website fitted for LiveStreams. And here you all thought they were going to get away with everything they’ve been up to…

Welcome To Camp Delta JTF Joint Detention Group Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

A Past Look Into The Current Situation: Traitors Beware Of 4 More Years… (1 of 2 relating posts)

I posted about the long forgotten upgrade and expansion of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility some time ago. It heralded very little notice, as I was a greenhorn to Parler and didn’t have much of a following. So i’m revisiting the subject again, as in recent weeks air travel to and fro has escalated to the small Cove installation. What does that mean? Well, I could explain in detail my findings, but i’ve left it to this older report attached above. It has many verification links embedded in the text for the hardcore research junkies like myself. However, there’s also a video tag in there as well for the less inclined. The summation here is the expansion for “High-Level Targets” that President Trump has prepared it for. Does that mean terrorists? Sure. In part. Though, it currently houses only 40 or so inmates. So are we expecting that many terrorists to warrant expansion then? Hardly. It’s been done for the purposes of domestic civil and political treasonists and Deep State insurrectionists. Don’t act as if we haven’t been seeing who they are in the past months. Years even. So prepare yourselves for the unexpected expectations and the unimaginable reality of whats approaching. The Storm is Coming.